Massage Therapy

Hot and cold stone massage:
Massage with hot stone therapy combines the best of the ancient art of massage with the properties of technical massage. Applying the geothermal properties of the hot and cold volcanic stones to energy points can reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia and provide muscle comfort.

- (Lyla only)

60 - min: $95

90 - min: $130

Swedish/Therapeutic massage:
Swedish massage is a manual therapy that emphasizes long strokes, kneading and friction motions to encourage proper circulation. The technique involves rubbing muscles together in the same direction as the flow of blood to the heart. Swedish massage works to improve circulation, relieve muscle tension, stretch tight ligaments and reduce emotional stress.

60 - min: $80

90 - min: $120

Deep Tissue:

In order to reach the deep muscle tissue, a therapist will massage layer by layer of muscle, applying more and more pressure and employing special techniques with the fingers, fists, and maybe even elbows to reach and stretch that deep tissue.

- (Alora, Ada & Corey only)

60-min : $90

90-min : $130

120-min $165

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy:

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy is a specialized form of manual massage in which digital pressure and friction are used to release areas of strain in a muscle. Strain areas are called tender or trigger points, and they tend to be the cause of ongoing muscular pain symptoms. These trigger points are small areas of the muscle in which there is a contracture of tissue, and the lack of blood and nutrients in that area causes an inability for that muscle to relax. The area is hypersensitive and can cause pain, fatigue, and weakness in the muscle. Trigger points can lead to referral pain, which refers to a phenomenon in which areas far away from the trigger point experience sensations of pain, tingling or numbness.

Neuromuscular massage therapy involves applying alternating levels of concentrated pressure to the trigger point – usually using the fingers, knuckles or elbow. Once applied, the pressure should not vary for 10 to 30 seconds.

- (Alora & Ada only)

60-min : $90

90-min : $130

120-min $165

Accupressure Massage

Acupressure therapy stimulates the body's circulatory, lymphatic and hormonal systems. It helps relieve stress and anxiety, improves sleep, relaxes your muscles and joints, regulates digestive issues, minimizes headaches and migraines, and is also beneficial for back pains and menstrual cramps. Acupressure is a manual therapy technique that is used to relieve pain and muscle tension. Acupressure is performed using fingers gradually pressing onto key points around the body to simulate pain relief and muscle relaxation.

- (Alora only)

90-min : $130

2 hour: $165

Myofascial Abrasion: (Fascial Abrasion Tool)

This treatment involves an FAT tool to release tension in underlying soft tissue. It specifically targets and loosens the fascia that surrounds and interconnects muscle tissue that when tight, can restrict range of motion and impair quality of movement.

- (Corey only)

60-min : $90

90-min : $130