clear glass bottle on brown wooden table
clear glass bottle on brown wooden table


Experience a massage revolution with our transformative cupping therapy. Go beyond surface-level relaxation and immerse yourself in a unique treatment that combines the soothing touch of massage with the revitalizing power of suction. Our specially designed cups gently lift and pull your skin, stimulating blood flow, loosening tight muscles, and drawing out toxins. Feel tension melt away as gentle kneading and manipulation work in tandem with the cupping action, releasing pain and improving flexibility. Whether you seek deep tissue relief, stress reduction, or a boost to your lymphatic system, our cupping massage offers a holistic approach to rejuvenation, leaving you feeling revitalized, pain-free, and truly in tune with your body.

60 min - Massage w/ cupping: $90

90 min - Massage w/ cupping: $130

30 min - Regular Cupping only
(No massage / Alora only): $40